5 Reasons why the Moto 360 Sport could be the best smart watch now

Motorola released the Moto 360 earlier this year and is set to release their second iteration: Moto 360 sport later this month on 18th Dec. We really liked the first edition of the Moto 360 and liked the second generation even better, which is why we are so pumped for their sports iteration. Well, here are the five reasons why the Moto 360 Sport could be the smart watch to put on your christmas list this year.

The looks

moto360 sport

Smart watches have only entered the market earlier last year and has only started to gain traction this year. Watches are often a fashion statement of who you are and what better to show it off in the latest Moto 360 sport. Not only is the watch gorgeous, the display allows you to customize different watch faces and at the same time looks stunning with 223ppi and has a large enough screen to make it suitable for even the biggest fitness junkie. Although it comes with a silicone strap, I must say its the best looking plastic/metal body smart watch I have ever seen.

Its connected to your smartphone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and it’s difficult to imagine living without that technology in your hands. With the Moto 360, you can connect the watch to your smartphone (iPhone and Android) and still stay connected with the people you love. The watch features Google now which allows you to handle simple tasks such as making an appointment on your calendar, getting directions or even messaging all through the little device  on your wrist!

Moto’s Anylight Hybrid Display

motorola 360 sport1

Smartphones and smartwatches have been plagued by light glare which is common when it is extremely sunny. In fact, most users still find it difficult to navigate through the controls of their phones in direct sunlight despite putting maximum brightness. With Moto’s Anylight Hybrid display, Moto claims that the screen reflects sunlight, making it much easier to read outdoors, which is practically essential especially if you are going to name the watch a sports edition.

Adventure Sensors

Majority of smartwatches have only incorporated an optical heart rate monitor into their watches but Moto took it one step further to add in an altimeter and barometer for the watch. For adventurers this is a huge step as normally only watches such as the Garmin Fenix 3 has been able to do. and because of the Android platform, be sure to also see App developers make use of this to come up with useful application for the masses

On board storage

believe it or not, the Moto 360 sport comes with 4gb of onboard memory. The storage is usually used to store applications and also firmware but the 4gb storage enables you to use it as a music streaming device via bluetooth headphones or speakers. No more lugging your phone around during runs and experience sports without clunky armbands or waistbands.

Let down

Like any awesome watch there probably is a draw back and for the Moto 360 its no exception, the Moto 360 is slated to only last a full day on a single charge which is pretty disappointing. I would really like to see the battery department improve. Its really the bane of the smartwatch industry and probably is the only thing slowing the adoption rate. Smartwatch companies could definitely learn a thing or two from Garmin which produces the Garmin Fenix 3, an adventure watch which can last 3 weeks on a single charge if it doesn’t connect to GPS and last 1 week with it connected as a smartwatch

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